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☆Introduction of "lady like pearl Collection"☆
From jewelry TSUTSUMI JEWELRY, autumn latest "lady like pearl Collection" comes up!

Ear accessories with voluminous feel are recommended this autumn.
Collection which included autumn trend that texture given metal let you feel a feeling of vintage.

K10YG pearl pierced earrings [the right]
Body price 15,741 yen (tax-included price 17,000 yen)

K10YG pearl pierced earrings [the center]
Body price 14,815 yen (tax-included price 16,000 yen)

K10YG pearl pierced earrings [the left]
Body price 18,519 yen (tax-included price 20,000 yen)

Carry foot to jewelry TSUTSUMI JEWELRY by all means at this opportunity!
We look forward to all the staff.

※We may be changed without notice including product specifications, price.
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