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Kamakura pasta
News of summer-limited menu!
Very sweet "pure ama" tomato of affinity is good
It is cold pasta which we matched with basil.

◆Capellini of high sugar content tomato "pure ama" and basil
Body price 980 yen (tax-included price 1,058 yen)

Of avocado and salmon which nutritive value is high, and are healthy
We finished in Japanese style with soup stock soy sauce and green shiso.

◆Of salmon marinade and fresh avocado
Capellini green shiso flavor
Body price 1,190 yen (tax-included price 1,285 yen)

Carrying scallops and salmon roe Hokkaido to chilled pasta,
We finished in red wine vinegar and soy sauce.

◆Chilled Capellini of Hokkaido scallops and salmon roe
Body price 1,290 yen (tax-included price 1,393 yen)

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