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SM2 Keittio
★ SamansaMos2 Lagom collaboration item ★

*It is .:* ・゜゜ .:*, ', *:. .:* ・゜゜, ** ・゜゜, *:. .:*,', *:. ・゜゜, *:.

The use always has SM2keittio Senboku Panjo shop
^^ that thank you

It is introduction of children's clothes this time!

Extreme popularity!
Of "Thomas the Tank Engine" and SamansaMos2 Lagom
Collaboration items are received!

Three kinds of T-shirts two kinds of pants.
It is good items in coming season♩

We present "microskirt Thomas" of palm size to customer of purchase by the first arrival with Thomas collaboration product from Thursday, April 12★

Very cute Thomas desuyo ^^ which connects, and can be idle

As number includes limit,
Come early by all means.

By the way,
As for the adult clothes from Thursday, April 12
It is summer catalogue distribution start!

All the staff, your visit
We look forward♩

*It is .:* ・゜゜ .:*, ', *:. .:* ・゜゜, ** ・゜゜, *:. .:*,', *:. ・゜゜, *:.
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