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Kamakura pasta
Guidance of "spring fresh pasta for a limited time"
Sorry to have kept you waiting!

 We used seasonal ingredients with Kamakura pasta
We prepare "spring fresh pasta for a limited time".
 Please appreciate!

◆White wine steamed pasta with clam and spring vegetables 
 Body price 1,190 yen (tax-included price 1,285 yen)

 With white wine which we added flavor of vermouth to,
 Flavor of clam occurs at the same time,
 We play harmony at moment when we ate.

◆Cream pasta with Spain-producing ham "hamonserano" and asparagus
 Body price 1,190 yen (tax-included price 1,285 yen)

 Prosciutto ham "hamonserano" of the leading role
 To cream pasta, we made from milk of sheep
 We performed topping of Pecorino cheese.

◆Firefly squid and Japanese-style peperoncino of rape
 Body price 980 yen (tax-included price 1,058 yen)
 Seasonal ingredients "firefly squid" and "rape"
 We arranged into combination, Kamakura pasta style
 We finished to peperoncino.
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