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☆Christmas cake ★Under reservation acceptance☆
/ which is information for \ early reservation privilege
The purchase of Christmas cake accepts reservation from November 1!
This year is seven kinds of Christmas cakes, too

Variety pack of to Christmas-limited comes up ☆*

The early purchase is information for privilege of reservation this time◎
Privilege 1...B-R 31 Ice Cream original calendar
※It becomes handing over on first-come-first-served basis with a limitation of amount each.
※Kind of calendar cannot be chosen.

Privilege 2...310 yen shopping ticket
※It is for price one that you were expected to pay by December 3.
※Christmas tree variety pack is inapplicable.

As cake is in a limited quantity, please buy early!
We heard reservation on the telephone. (tel 072-294-3217)
If there is point to be worried about, please feel free to contact◎

≪List of cake, prices≫
①Christmas palette 8 4,500 yen
②Bello (Bellow)! Christmas "minion" 3,500 yen
③'Snoopy' home party 3,400 yen to be heated to be heated
④Christmas palette 4 3,000 yen
⑤'Mickey & mini' dream Christmas wreath 3,800 yen
⑥'Winnie-the-Pooh' Christmas honey hunting 3,400 yen
⑦Christmas chocolate 2,980 yen

⓼Christmas tree variety pack 3,200 yen

↓Specifically, please see HP of 31 Ice Cream↓
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