About PANJO CLUB CARD Panjo club card

A lot of nice privileges! PANJO CLUB CARD WEB service debuts

The first person
My page registration is this

※The enrollment to Panjo club card is necessary beforehand.
※Registration of WEB service is enabled to Panjo club card after 2nd after the enrollment.

We can confirm point on WEB.
※Reflection of point is the next day of date of purchase.
※Confirmation of point needs, login.
We send nice privilege.
※Panjo club card member's card and printout of the presentation of screen of smartphone or screen are necessary to have you receive privilege.
Delivery of email news!
※We become only those whom we wish to deliver.

It is enrollment fee annual fee for free under recruitment of PANJO CLUB CARD members! The same day issuance! Person who is older than junior high student can enroll in anyone!

A lot of privileges that Panjo club card is nice!

Point present!

In each shop of store specializing in Panjo shopping when was eaten and drunk, please show Panjo club card before adjustment.
We give 1 point every use amount of money 110 yen (tax-included).

Confirmation of total point
1. In the case of the use, this point and total point until the last time are displayed by receipt issued in each shop.
2. You can confirm with ticketing machine in front of the second-floor service counter or service counter.
We present coupon which is usable in store specializing in Panjo when we save point!

We trade with available "Panjo club coupon" (500 yen) at 500 points in each shop of store specializing in Panjo.
※There is exclusion shop in some services shop. ※When we trade with Panjo club coupon, total point is subtracted from.
We change 500 points of Panjo club coupons for Panjo club coupon (500 yen) with ticketing machine in front of the second-floor service counter or service counter whenever totalled.
※Please bring Panjo club card at the time of exchange.

Travel coupon or coupon hits!

Total point of Panjo club card in store specializing in Panjo targeting at member beyond 10,000 points a year
We will present travel coupon of 100,000 yen or coupon to ten people by application lottery.
It is until the end of February every year in - next year in March during target period.
(please confirm the details in the second-floor service counter.)

Besides, we have a lot of nice special treatment, discount!

●Discount (until two hours) at half price with parking rate

Please show Panjo club card and parking lot rearranging ticket in the second-floor service counter.
We will authenticate free parking service at half price for two hours. (the handling time: for from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.)

●Member registration fee 80%OFF of Panjo club is

●We will inform of information such as plan, combination event, event with precedence especially.

Enrollment fee, annual fee is unnecessary!
The enrollment to the second floor of Panjo service counter

The person apply for membership application form after filling out the requirements directly in the second-floor service counter.
We will issue Panjo club card on the spot on the same day.

Request and news
Please show card before adjustment by all means. After the adjustment, please note that there are not the points.
When there is not the use of Panjo club card, it becomes withdrawal automatically, and total point becomes invalid for one year from the enrollment day, too.

It is this about the rules of a society of Panjo club card

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