Recruitment of RECRUIT staff

Do you not work at Panjo with us happily?
※Inquiry, please contact the person in charge of each shop by telephone or email.



The second floor of Panjo

The type of job Sale (ladies' fashion)
Time It is osodan between 9:30-20:30
Service There are transportation expenses supply (there is the upper limit), product discount system
PR from shop Even as for sale without work and apparel experience, the person with BLANK
Person working with motivation is welcome!
A lot of staff who began with without experience play an active part!
We look forward to application!
Contact information 0120-277-129 (charge: the head office personnel department)

tutu anna

The third floor of Panjo

The type of job Waiting on customers, sale (socks, wear)
Time Shift system
・9:40-18:20/, 11:30-20:10
Service Salary 181, 000 yen
①Attempt adoption period three months, ② transportation expenses total amount supply
③There is paid vacation, raise in salary system
④Equipped with various social insurance
PR from shop It is work of sale of socks and roomware. We like waiting on customers (there is getting out inspection, article work), and favorite person is fun together, and does fashion not work?
Others Recruitment of contracted employee, five days a week duty
The first shift late shift who is available for shift system, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays duty
Contact information 072-294-3280 charge: Kawai

* de

The third floor of Panjo

The type of job Sale Mrs. fashion
Time 16:00-20:00
Week from 2 to 3
Service In details interview
PR from shop Person who likes waiting on customers brightly
Contact information 080-5407-0933 charge: Suzuki

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