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[Panjo group privacy policy]

Panjo and Panjo is (we say "Panjo group" as follows.) Oh, we are active for the purpose of supporting realization of comfortable life at adapted good quality for visitor as safe, reliable shopping center realizing creative living full of joy of living in the times in the time.
We think personal information protection of visitor to be social duty, and Panjo group observes laws and regulations about personal information protection and, based on the following policies, tries for thorough personal information protection.

Privacy policy

  • 1. When we collect personal information, we identify collection purpose as much as possible and do not collect more than required. We use personal information that we collected as far as we obtained the person's consent and do not contribute to third party without obtaining consent.
  • 2. For unauthorized access, loss, destruction, manipulation to personal information and leak, is necessary and appropriate; take safety measures.
  • 3. When refusal of disclosure, correction, suspension about personal information of the person or offer is demanded for personal information, we cope with this as far as it is rational.
  • 4. For all people engaging in duties, we try for letting you recognize importance of personal information protection and the responsibility to carry out personal information protection thoroughly.
  • 5. We establish compliance program for personal information protection and review as needed and are improved.

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When we visited specific site with Cookie, it is text file that the site writes in at hard disk of visitor and helps which convenience improvement that is to omit trouble of reinputing of visitor. In addition, ID numbers to record movement in site of visitor may be included in site side.
On our website, we use Cookie for convenience of visitor of the use and service improvement of our website.
About this Cookie, visitor refuses receiving by most browsers of errand or can perform setting to let you display message of confirmation.
In addition, about this page items mentioned, please note that you may revise based on the rational need in correspondence with change, computer of service contents, change of Internet technology.

April 1, 2005
Panjo is

Reception desk window

<< in the case of telephone >>
072-294-3154 time in: From 10:00 to 17:00
Panjo "visitor personal information reception desk" person in charge
<< in the case of mail >>
〒590-0115 Chayamadai, Minami-ku, Sakai-shi one order 3-1
Panjo "visitor personal information reception desk" person in charge

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