List of guidance in INFORMATION building

General bureau
Open space of the second floor of Panjo sun
Summons of guidance, lost child in hall and wait. Rental of stroller and rental of wheelchair.
Store specializing in Panjo, adding up for free parking service of Senboku Takashimaya.
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Lost article, thing left behind
The second floor of Panjo disaster prevention center
We would like that thing was lost or was picked up to person in charge of sales floor of neighborhood or the second floor disaster prevention center.

Free parking service
We can receive free parking service by store specializing in Panjo and charge of the day of Senboku Takashimaya.
・2,000 yen (tax-included) is free in the above for two hours
・10,000 yen (tax-included) is free in the above for three hours
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Babies' room
The fourth floor of Panjo
In the case of shopping, please use with baby.
We offer the nursing room, crib, paper diaper vending machine.
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Rental of stroller
・Open space of the second floor of Panjo sun
・The open space up escalator side of the third floor of Panjo carillon
・In front of the fourth floor of Panjo plum blossoms
Please use freely. After the use, please return to original place.
※Use is limited to child of from 2 months to 24 months.
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Babies' seat
The second floor of Panjo, the third floor, the fourth floor, each restroom on the fifth floor
"Babies' seat" which is convenient for diaper substitute of baby is installed.

Rental of wheelchair (free)
Open space (general bureau) of the second floor of Panjo sun
Number includes limit.

Service counters
The second floor of Panjo kids open space
Commencing with issuance, acceptance of Panjo club card, we accept until agency of Panjo club coupon exchange, JCB, VISA, sale of UC companies gift card, cigarette, stamps, Yu-Pack.

ATM, caching corner
・The first floor of Panjo (the sky hat)
Business hours 7:00-23:00 ※We cannot have use of hako every month at 7:00 on - next morning at 21:00 of second Saturday.
・The second floor of Panjo, ATM corner
Business hours
ATM 8:50-20:00 of Seven Bank
ATM 9:00-20:00 of Ikeda Senshu Bank
Japan Post Bank, ATM 10:00-20:00 of Mizuho Bank
・The fifth floor of Panjo
Business hours 8:50-20:00


The open space general information desk side of the second floor of Panjo sun
In the case of sudden cardiac arrest, we establish medical equipment letting cardiac function normalize by electronic shocks, "AED" (automated external defibrillator).

About smoking in hall
The hall is smoking cessation.
※There is smoking space to copy in hall out of the hall.
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Hair salon, barber shop

Fixing of clothes

Rental space
It is multipurpose hall to be able to use for concert, exhibition, party, various uses including lecture.
※It may not be available depending on special event contents.

Voice BOX of customer

We install in open space, the 4F escalator side of the 2F sun. If there are aware point, opinion, please let know with exclusive paper installing in each BOX.
Shopping center Panjo aims at "the best partner" of customer.
We continue always having "viewpoint of customer" for customer and will work to offer realizing "high quality CS" (customer satisfaction) more and "satisfaction" "confidence" "security".

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