PANJO HALL Panjo hall

About Panjo hall

Floor which floor moves changes.

Flexible hall in response to multipurpose needs.

Flat floor is one button; into Arena form. Electric seat is full-featured and is stored half equipment or all; and to zero. Or stage holds basic pattern, show pattern. Groundbreaking electric movable hall where Panjo hall turns figure depending on purpose at will. It is dramatic and is exciting and expresses your thought.

From presentation of piano and Electone to band concert of crash. We direct stage of impression by the stage constitution with superior sound facilities easy to use in all music scene.
Exhibition/exhibition EXHIBITION
As gallery space such as exhibition of company and flower arrangement of circle, creation exhibition. You can use space of venue with flat floor specifications effectively spaciously.
Flexible hall which we can use regardless of genre including drama, dance, performance, rakugo and show. We meet request made with lighting and dressing room facilities, set, the stage including art.
Seminar and workshop, presence and chair, table of stage including talk show are available for placement freely, too. You change hall variously and can utilize to other plans effectively.

Specifications of hall

■ Selectable floor type

1.Basic type
We set 170 seats in stage direction. Passage is in two places, and detached room has structure that is easy to take seat.

2.Flat type
When store electric seat; in flat space. It is available at various events including party from display presentation.

3.Show type
It is format that special stage protrudes on the seat side from the center. We can set chair at special stage both ends.

4.Lecture type
We receive all the electric seats and set chair and table freely on flat floor. We can store stage.
■ Specifications and facilities of hall

Seat space 170 seats of number of 237 square meters of seats (34 seats of movable seats)
The stage space 35 square meters of fuku/9.6m, depth/3.6m, stage high 40cm
Lobby 131㎡
Dressing room 22㎡
Musical instrument YAMAHA grand piano S6
Sound facilities BGM, sound adjustment table
Lighting setup Spotlight, light control console
Others Picture rail duct wiring

Use regulations, rate

■ Use of Panjo hall regulations
1. About application
1.We can perform application from 1st half a year of beginning to use month ago.
2.Or sublet cannot hand over the right to use to third party.
3.About cancellation after 30 days ago of the use start date, we may charge cancellation fee.
4.Depending on entertainments, property of meeting, I may decline use.
5.When we admit that we have difficulty in management against public order and morals when application contents have false mention or after contract of use is established in any of the antisocial power or even if applicant and user are occupied, we cancel contract and have to cancel use. In this case I do not give back deposit which has been paid, use rate.  
※Antisocial power:
Person who is related to gang prescribed in the gang exclusion regulations that gang, gang member, associate member, each other metropolis and districts establish. Or we call group which makes full use of fraudulent technique, and pursues economic profit or individual violence, power such as racketeer, social movement profession grounder, political activity profession grounder, special intelligence violence group.
2. In use ask (is careful)
1.Use of facilities, please obey our instructions.
2.Reception desk, personnel cut of the visitors, please take responsibility.
3.jikomi such as ignition explosive, other dangerous materials is prohibition.
4.I decline notice without our approval, distribution, advertising of article, offer of contribution firmly.
5.When you use fire, please be careful about the handling enough.
6.User, please manage storage of article with responsibility. Please take out insurance for theft or fire to products.
7.When user damages facilities or additional equipment and damages and is lost, please compensate the damage.
3. Report to government offices
When reports to the proper authorities are necessary, about use, please go in users.
■ Panjo hall list of charges (April 1, 2014 revision)
Base rate system Rate
Weekdays Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
All the buildings use rate Base rate Four hours 16,000 20,000
Extension rate As for every one hour 2,000 2,500
Use of lobby rate Base rate Four hours 11,000 14,000
Extension rate As for every one hour 2,000 2,300
Use of dressing room rate Base rate Four hours 2,000 2,000
Extension rate As for every one hour 400 400

(unit: Japanese yen)

※Rate comes to go without consumption tax.
※We include use rate of lobby and dressing room in use rate in all facilities.

Consecutive use rate
The use days Use place Rate Use place Rate
At the time of three days consecutive use All the buildings use 70,000 Use of lobby 52,200
At the time of four days consecutive use All the buildings use 90,000 Use of lobby 67,200
At the time of five days consecutive use All the buildings use 99,000 Use of lobby 71,600
At the time of six days consecutive use All the buildings use 104,000 Use of lobby 72,000
At the time of seven days consecutive use All the buildings use 120,000 Use of lobby 83,000

(unit: Japanese yen)

※Rate comes to go without consumption tax.
※When use more than three days, reduced fare.

※At use time, we include all at time required for venue preparations, rehearsal, entrance and exit, settlement.
※There may be about use time, the use of other customers. Please apply having margin at time.
※We do the use of application overtime with one hour more than 30 minutes and will calculate with extension rate.
※The rate mentioned above includes the fee for use and the following rate.

Lectern/host table/whiteboard/picture hanger/desk/chair/billboard

※Please leave in state at the time of beginning to use. Customer who wishes to set venue, please report. We charge regulations rate separately.

From setting ... 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) of desk, chair
Setting ... 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) of the stage
We estimate by setting ... contents of sound, lighting separately.

※In addition, about terms of use, the details rate, ask person in charge at the time of application.

Additional equipment, the equipment fee for use
Facilities, equipment Amount Daily use rate
Grand piano One 22,000
Microphone One 1,000
Spotlight One 300
jikomikizaidenkishiyoryo It takes rate separately.

(unit: Japanese yen)

※Rate comes to go without consumption tax.

Application, inquiry
Person in charge of Panjo hall TEL. 072-293-2201 (from 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

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