PANJO GARDEN Panjo garden

Panjo garden

Panjo 5F (the outdoors)
■Opening time: From April to September/10:00-18:00 from October to March/10:00-17:00
■Entering a kindergarten for free (in the case of bad weather, it will be closed)

We were reborn to lawn open space to be able to spend pleasantly while feeling green and the sky to be.
Children are space that can be idle vigorously.
Please use between shopping.

All of the use 1, please wear shoes which are hard to come off in Panjo garden. 2.Please do not leave jacket open. 3.Please take off thing which is easy to be caught including muffler. 4.You put rucksack and bag, and please play. 5.Including rain when is slippery, please do not play. 6.Please do not throw thing from playground equipment. 7.Please do not jump off from playground equipment. 8.When you play playground equipment, please follow turn. 9.Please stop ball game, sports. 10.Please refrain from use of fire. 11.Please take garbage home. 12.In addition, please refrain from act that admitted that we are inappropriate. Adult, please attend child until 6 years old by all means.

Please note that you cannot take responsibility about accident, theft in our amusement place.

Our garden is amusement place of children. Please refrain from entrance that we are with drinking, smoking, pet.

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